Enduring The American Dream


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billie jean keren
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billie jean keren Enduring demands focus, time and dedication, which might seem like a lot, but it's a life changing album. "from the grave to the cradle life unfolds". Life will never be the same again and I'm grateful for that! ♥ Favorite track: Failure.
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Recorded from 1992 to 1996. Released in 1997. Remastered in 2014.


released April 15, 1997

Instruments: harmonium, guitar, drums, synthesizer, bass, trumpet, vacuum cleaner, oboe, voice, piano, trombone, organ, tapes, 12-string, alto saxophone People who play them: Jeb Bishop, Michelle Morrone, Dan Forden, Jeff Libersher, Scott Rutledge, Chris Block, Dylan Posa, Phil Bonnet, Thymme Jones, Ross Feller, Laura Brown



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CHEER-ACCIDENT Chicago, Illinois

Born during the first few seconds of 1981; many decades later: still here.


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Track Name: The Law Of Attraction
we collide 
at the intersection 
I fly through the windshield 
into your arms

 we embrace 
the ambulance sirens
 as the sound of metal 
is cut away 

we display 
intermingled remains
Track Name: Dismantling The Berlin Waltz

time does not pass it disappears

somewhere in the middle of these events

things simply cease to exist

nothing is all that will endure 

as men race toward death 
waving their tongues

as the slowness of artifacts 
create history 
nothing endures

a sign reads "dead end" set against

a house under construction as
 workers, hammers and saws inflict sound

the biggest mall in the world is
built across the street from
 what was the biggest mall in the world

shopping for the economy 
in our regional retail center

fully enclosed 
climate controlled

time does not pass it disappears

somewhere in the middle of these events

things simply cease to exist

nothing is all that will endure

as men race toward death 
waving their tongues 

at the center
 of the target: gold

Track Name: Failure
the rain up to sky 
drenching a cloud

the rays from the earth 
burning the sun

the effect and cause

transgress the law

pendulum gravity

reverse the flow upside-down hourglass

figure-eight infinity set on end

the scar breaks open 
forming a wound

the bullet returns 
tracing a line

the effect and cause

turn back the clocks

making up for the loss

reverse the time lapse image of decay

from the grave to the cradle life unfolds

an old man holds a dead child 
in his arms as the dead child tells him 
the forgotten story of his life

a tableau of war raging over
 the surface of bodies dreaming of death 

 impotent bodies fucking energy
 projected onto a screen of flesh
the outline breaks from the contours
 as it forms an abysmal downward spiral
 the destiny of bodies fall
 as everything unravels
Track Name: God's Clinic

man built a soul

the elevation 
of the mammal

writes a book 
and by these words we live

the sacred fetal tissue

abort the soul

the consecration
of this murder

cleansed of lies 
the holy invalids

crawl into their heads and die

Track Name: A Hate Which Grows

I scandalize history

I rape the statue of liberty

beat her about the head and face
Track Name: Metaphysical
the old man is buried
in the clouds

spread the rumor of
a new heaven for sale

the public and private sectors collide

as the corporations buy up the night

we lie under the sign and embrace

as they sell us the old dream of a new god

the lovely terrorist and I take arms
blast the corporations out of the sky

shatter the constellations
 of power
in the name of
 absolute love we destroy

Track Name: The Family Business
do you know

do you mind

that I've taken up a hobby

of my own 
on the side

she's no less beautiful than you 
and she's mine

but you're the only one for me

you're my profession